I'm not into swimming, but I'm not going to lie: The last stretch of that relay was terribly exciting


US swimmers Michael Phelps (R) and Garrett Weber-Gale celebrate after winning the men's 4x100m freestyle relay final at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing.

You know---writers never really get to experience this particular emotion....


  1. (hushed whisper)

    "It looks like Theric has almost completed his sestina. Gary, have you been able to get a closer look at his performance?"

    "Just a glimpse, Bob, just a glimpse. But it looks like there's something about a seagull and a mountain of discarded books. I think it's quite possible that we're looking at a commentary on contemporary reading habits, which would be something of a departure from his usual style which tends to lean towards..."

    "Sorry to cut you off, Gary, but it looks like the T-man is putting pen to paper again. Some pretty steady writing going on, oh wait, wait--he just crossed something out. But he doesn't appear flustered. In fact, now a smile is crossing his face. He appears to be on the homestretch now. He writes for a couple more seconds and puts his pen down. Is it complete? Yes, yes it is! Theric stands up and shuffles over to the judging table. We're going to go to break while he waits for his scores, but I have to say, he is looking very confident right now. Almost smug. Looks like all his extra training this winter may have paid off."

  2. If you've never heard Monty Python's "Novel Writing From Wessex," you should. It describes the author's life to a veritable T.