Sunday School Svithe (part three of three)


I ran out of time without ever even getting close to talking about this section of our lesson (Alma 17-22). You you get a World Premiere today, baby.



Differing Missionary Styles


Ammon is bound and taken to the king.
Alma 17:22-25
How do Ammon's actions as a servant reflect on his claims to the king?
How do his actions affect his missionary opportunities and success?

Aaron walks into a synagogue and things don't go well. The people say they
don't believe the prophets or in Christ and he starts quoting scripture
from prophets about Christ. Net result: prison.
(Alma 21:5-9)
Now, I don't doubt that it was indeed Aaron's lot "to have fallen into the
hands of a more hardened and a more stiffnecked people", but his manner of
proselytizing couldn't have helped.

How does Aaron's missionary method change between prison and Lamoni's father?
Starting with the obvious answers, WHY did he change?

How did his "opening of the scriptures" change from time one to time two?

Starting with the obvious answers, what are the lessons here for us?

(does this tie back into our discussion on guile?)
(can we define 'guile' in missionary terms?)

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