Theric today, on A Motley Vision:


This is going to be a post long enough that it risks breaking that tacit understanding between bloggers and readers: “This really won’t take you that long. I swear.”

In order to alleviate your sense of “This really might take that long,” I have chopped this post into sections and provided a table of contents wherewith you may click on ahead to the portions that interest you and comment thereupon. You should not feel you have to read the whole thing to start commenting. If you have lots to say about Mormon Superheros and couldn’t care less about who’s who in the funny papers, comment on Mormon Superheros and ignore the funnies entirely. Fair enough?

Let’s start with a couple definitions, then I’ll give you the ToC.

So. Comics. How do we define this term? The easy way: we do what everyone else does and agree with Scott McCloud’s definition of comics....(more)

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