on Sarah Palin


For the record, I think Sarah Palin is one of the most compelling people in politics today. I can't wait to hear her campaigning.

And it's worth noting that although I liked McCain in 2000, I haven't thought much of him lately. His choice of Palin does something I never though any VP-pick could manage--reconsider a candidacy.

I'm less certain who'll I'll vote for today than I was yesterday.


  1. It's a surprising move, and in my opinion reinvigorates the McCain campaign. Obama has to be upset that coverage of his speech was eclipsed by Palin.

    I watched some youtube videos of Palin today - she's very articulate. I'm looking forward to this campaign.

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    Me too. I didn't think we could hope for her, but McCain's not as dullified as he as seemed. I can't wait to see her up against Biden.

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    I just noticed that I stole my standup/sitdown comment from McCain.

    Further evidence this is a good choice, if I'm plagiarizing him now.

  4. Actually, the VP picks are making it a bit easier for me to make a decision. I don't care at all for Biden. I didn't care much for McCain. While I didn't know anything about Palin until today, she seems like she could bring a different flavor to politics. From what I've seen she's the most interesting of the 4.

    I do hate that it's back to the black vs. woman and the whole glass ceiling blah blah, especially since that's exactly why I think McCain went this route.

  5. I'm a fan, too.

    (Just as an aside to the Author: have you heard Dad rant about this woman? I wouldn't be surprised to see him try to throw multiple votes her way....)

  6. I agree this makes the next few months more interesting.

    there is a lot to like about her - the highly-rated governor is a working mom of 5 with a mostly SAHD husband, slinging her DS baby. So, cool. Sounds like a respectable and progressive family, down-to-earth working class, married over 20 years, etc.

    On the other hand, McCain picked her having met her only once, and she is brand new to government. However neat and rising-star like she may be at 44, the move seems transparent grab for votes and attention, nevermind the actual national and international qualifications of the female in question. I suppose we're supposed to be awed by the choice anyway, and give him all the spotlight for the daring move, rather than calling him reckless for gambling on a campaigning partner he hardly knows, and with less experience than Obamaa, who he's been hammering this whole time as underqualified.

    ok, you got it out of me.

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    I can't comment on the how-well-he-knows-her issue, but I disagree that she's less qualified than Obama. It depends on how much weight you give different items. And, as has been mentioned often, she's the only one of the four with executive experience.

  8. cchrissyy: The interesting thing about Palin's lack of experience is that every time Obama and his campaign bring it up, they're spotlighting experience as a legitimate reason to disqualify a candidate. In other words, Obama is implicitly discredited himself every time his campaign points out Palin's lack of experience.

    Of course, it's also important to note that Palin is not the presidential nominee - her lack of experience is relatively less important because if elected, she would get some on-the-job training as VP.

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    Perhaps, it may end up, desperately needed on-the-job training.

    Although with the tv ratings for Obama's speech, I think we can forget about the polls and call him the definite frontrunner.

  10. Right RC, I didn't mean to imply that the "inexperienced" angle only hurt McCain's ability to credibly attack Obama - it's a delicate issue for Obama to bring up inexperience on Palin without choosing words which his opponents can easily apply to himself.

    I imagine we'll hear lots about her lack of international and federal level experience, and lots about his lack of governing experience.

    But hopefully the discussion will quickly reach more exciting depths. Only 9 weeks remain to flesh this all out.