Back into the ether


So today Lady Steed and the Big O and I are abandoning the Residence of the Brass Clan and heading back to our internet-free lifestyle where we have to move. That's right, we found an apartment, will be signing the papers tomorrow and making a new life for ourselves in a Bold New Desert. This will probably be taking up most of our time, so it's back into hiatus I go, as per my officially announced supposition a couple weeks ago.



  1. I still don't approve of the hiatus. However, if you're happier in the new apartment, I'll be happy with you.

  2. Surely one of the first items of business is to get the new place hooked up, isn't it?

  3. So . . . since I have to go back to work tomorrow, shouldn't you also be done with vacation? I think so.

  4. .

    Haha. I have another week off.

    (Of course, it'll be spent hauling boxes of books a hundred miles....)

  5. Haha. Serves you right. ;)

    Oh, and Master Fob tells me that you are disappointed I haven't dropped any employment clues in a while. So I'm trying to think about how I can slip one in. It will be sly. Just for you.