[Note: I am still technically on hiatus and without consistent internet access.]

So I have met Tolkien Boy. And together we have changed the meaning of FOB from Friends of [Master Fob] to Free of [Master Fob].

Special thanks also to Melongawk.


  1. HA! Thought you'd be free of me that easily? You'll need more than a meat cleaver.

  2. Melongaw-- AHEM.

    Melyngoch says You're Welcome.

    I do rather feel that I was instrumental in bringing th. and TB under one roof. For that, I am very proud, and will now indulge in this, my favorite sin.


    Anyway, it was foberrific to see you and Lady Steed. Thanks for coming. I'm all sniffly-nostalgic for the old days, now . . .

    ("jovyyyhe" sounds like something happy, though.)

  3. Now, though, I am at the bottom of the list. Which is too bad.

    However, the time spent wrinkling together in the tub (I should say HOT tub, but it destroys the alliteration) was enough to confirm that you are, in fact, someone that I do not want to kill.

    Especially now that Master Fob is out of the way.

  4. .

    Who is this Master Fob impersonator with Christian Bale's mug?

    And Tolkers--I am trying to think of a better way to arrange my links but have not yet succeeded. Someday perhaps, someday.

    Et cetera.

  5. Glad to see you had fun, have a merry christmas