Bibliophile, railophile


The Big O will not go to sleep anymore unless he has first put under his pillow The Caboose Who Got Loose and The Little Red Caboose. He usually adds a third item as well--his whistle or Pat the Bunny. Once his pillow is sufficiently lumpy with reading material and musical instruments, then he can sleep.

In honor of his railophilia, Lady Steed made him a special cake for his second birthday last week with which I will now make my first photo-posting attempt.



  1. What a darling cake, Lady Steed! I'm glad you took pics Th. - it's the kind of cake you almost don't want to spoil by eating it!

  2. did everyone's tongue turn blue?? It turned out really good!! Great job mom!!

    Again with the long and crazy word verification!! Did you booby trap this thing??!?!!
    gpsqwygg (my poor dyslexic brain can't make my fingers do this!!)

  3. And now we know the truth . . . The only reason you can possibly be the best husband is because your wife is so absolutely amazing that the universe as we know it would collapse in on itself if you didn't measure up.

  4. .

    You said it, Edgy. And tk--she took the pictures too. I'm not exactly sure what I'm for.

    (Mandi--I got ksntd--and very clearly too.)

  5. Four cheers for Lady Steed! (Three wouldn't be enough.)