I have ambiguous feelings towards McSweeney's. I first purchased one of their quarterly affairs because it came with an accompanying soundtrack by They Might Be Giants. But, to be frank, the text pretty much sucked.

But I do appreciate their exquisite craftsmanship. And I don't think that exquisite is a word to be tossed around lightly. And they do helpful things on their website such as offering emotional support to pregnant women and advice on Aztec infestations. In fact, I must admit, that I like most of their online content.

I now own two of their quarterly affairs. The second was edited by Chris Ware and I like it very much. Or most of it at least.

Which leads me to suspect that I just don't like McSweeney's founding editor Dave Eggers. I picked up his Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius at a library sale, but I haven't had the heart to dig into it yet. Maybe someday.

Anyway, what I'm getting to is tadpoles, which can't read, and so will never be able to enter into the McSweeney's debate. Which I think is a tragedy. Because every tadpole I have ever met has known the appropriate thing to say at the appropriate time, and that's what I like about them.


  1. Ah, but tadpoles have so many good qualities. Unfortunately, they grow up to be frogs.

  2. My verification on that was fvboi, which is very much like Fob Boy.

  3. I'd never heard of Mc Sweeney's, Now I have another way to waste time- THANKS!!

  4. Have you read AHWOSG yet? I've been reading it and it often makes me think of you, not because your parents died and you had to raise your eight-year-old brother, but because of your zany style that Dave Eggers approximates well. The preface is hilarious, and the rest isn't too bad either.

  5. .

    You know Fight Club?

    Well I would fight Dave Eggers.