Second best


Well, you can forget that fabulous post I was promising because the internet is running at full molasses here at Bedrock High and if I want to get to the post office before it closes (and I do--just ask Lady Steed), I need to cut and run, spellcheck&coollinkfree.

So one quick story:

I have broken down. The threats levvied by Cicada and Miss Hass have gotten to me at last and I have taken out a gmail account that is representative of my real name. I have NEVER purposefully made an email account that uses my real name as raw material before and I am not happy about it.

My email addresses have not been eatmyshortsesque in nature. They have had pizzazz, spunk, verve, personality, yes, but they have not been juvenile. But now I have been led to believe that there are people in this world who would group all non-name-based emails into that category. And this makes me sad.

And a turncoat, yellerbellied givein.

And if I start using that address on my manuscripts, etc, I will have to start checking that account with regularity which thought I dread....

You see what happens when you open up your mind to polluting notions?

I fear that tomorrow morning when I see this post I will think, "Heavens, Theric. Why did you post at all. Better to have waited until today and apologized for not posting as promised."

And here, in the spirit of lousy posts everywhere, I will hit post without even reading this over to check for sense, spelling, intelligence, embarrassing lapses resulting in self-disclosure, etc.



  1. The only non-name-related email address I have ever had was slappywhite@mindless.com. Considering that my other option is masterfob@whatever.com, I think I'm better off with my real name. I personally find your non-name-related email addresses classy, but I can see Cicada and Miss Hass's point.

    On the up side, once you move to Bedrock and jump on the internet-access-at-home bandwagon, you will be able to pop all your email addresses and thus not have to manually check any of them.

  2. The email I always give on the internet is noway@yeahright.com. I only use this email when I am required to in order to reach the next step on a web page. If I ever have to give up REAL info, I log off post haste--hate spammers...

  3. I've totally forgotten your email addresses, so this post lacked for me the pathos that others are feeling.

    But I am impressed by your insistence in resisting the naming email.

    That's all.