I heard an Axe whizz — when I died —


I heard an Axe whizz — when I died —
And then — my Head — fell on the ground
I jumped and screamed and ran around
As turkey blood spilled on the Ground

Then I fell into a heap
They cut me up — and ate my meat
I hope you understand me well —
Hey, all you pilgrims? Go to hell!


  1. Wowwwww.


    I can't think of a single thing to say that would be at all clever enough to merit being posted here (although, clearly, that's not stopping me from posting it here.)


  2. ummmmm, are you a vegetarian?

  3. Finally I'll have something good to share when we're all going around the table on Thanksgiving and people are saying stuff like, "I'm thankful for my Home Entertainment System," or, "I'm thankful for my SUV." and then me: I'm thankful for Holiday Poetry. Allow me to share some now.


  4. .

    You're welcome! You're welcome one and all!

    And to answer your question, Mandi, I just wanted to be empathetic when I bite in on Thursday.

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    I was going to post again today since I've been scant lately and I likely won't be online again until Monday, but I can't come up with anything infused with more holiday cheer. So, cheers!

    And may your holiday be filled with plenty of starch and everyone's favorite amino acid.

  6. MMM...Emily Dickinson.

    Though I can't think of her without thinking of pedophila now, thanks to Melyngoch's ex-boyfriend.

    And now, I'm likely to think of Lizzie Borden, too.

    So, thanks.

  7. That was beautiful. Emily Dickinson is, no doubt, rolling in her grav--lovin' that Thanksgiving poem. I am (lovin' the poem, not rolling in my grave--whatever the hell that means...).

    TB, and/or Melyngoch, would you care to explain how you've linked Emily Dickinson to pedophilia? Preferably in a way that won't make me think of it everytime I think of her. That would be strange and/or tragic.

    Also, Th. I didn't know tryptophan could give people hallucinations! I'm eating more turkey this year...

  8. My family has fish on thanksgiving, so I ate fish instead of turkey. So there.


  9. I now see what I have been missing, not being a part of the Blogosphere all this time. It's a good thing I'm here now. Whew.

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    And it's nice to have you.


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    I hope Emily Dickinson IS rolling around in her gravy. Lucky girl