Here are a handful of truely inspiring inspirations:

1. Time Management!

Perhaps it was Master Fob who pushed me in this direction, but during lunch and immediately after school, instead of blogging, I graded papers. Now it's done! And not gaining mass (and thus inertia)! That was a great idea!

2. Zippermania!

Queen Zippergut has entered the blogosphere. This is wonderful on many counts. Most importantly, now I can constantly harass her about those poor children who are still doing chores after two years! Not even Lemony Snicket would be so cruel!

3. Miyazaki!

I finally saw My Neighbor Totoro over the weekend and, well, being the red-blooded American he-man that I am, it pains me to say this but there is no way around it: My Neighbor Totoro is the cutest dern thing ever! I remember watching Siskel and Ebert go nuts over it and I have always wanted to see it and now I have. And it is great. The cute little girls. The cute little totoros. The cute big totoro with the biiiig mouth. And an umbrella!

I first came to adore Miyazaki's work when I saw Spirited Away, which is still my favorite, but I my first Miyazaki film was Princess Mononoke. I saw it and said to myself that never have a felt such a cultural disconnect after watching a movie. I didn't know which side was the good guys and that left me disoriented. And I knew I needed to watch it again. I still haven't, but now that I'm a big fan, I suppose I ought to. But I think I'll do it with subtitles--Jada Pinkett Smith's voice was the biggest disconnect of all!

Anyway, back to cute, if you can't be cured of your red-blooded American he-manness by a totoro of the little soot sprites eating sprinkles in Spirited Away then your soul is dead!

4. Blogpatrol!

I started a big post in response to Cicada's that I may never finish, but let me just say that all of you looking for naked women from tehachapi should note the change in the blog's name. No more of that here!

5. Enthusiastic punctuation!



  1. Truely awe inspiring....

  2. I love Miyazaki, the ones you need to see are Howl's Moving Castle, Nausica and Castle in the Sky. Those ones are my favorite, and there is one thing cuter then Totoro, it's a cartoon that Miyazaki did with Isao Takahata called "Panda Go Panda" They made two episodes of it, and I've never felt more happiness out of a tv show or movie then I have after watching this one. If you ever have a chance to see it you need to.


  3. Naoshika and Castle in the Sky are my favorites, b/c I watched them in Japanese like fifty times when I got home from my mission, and they're COOL! I also love Kiki's Delivery Service very much. So, so cute. Totoro does nothing for me. Maybe it's b/c I try not to be in the room when it's on, so I don't actually get the whole picture.

  4. I swear to you, the children are done with the chores! They even went to an International Arts Festival. With their parents, even. So what if they lost Jamie there and can't find her. Still. After a year. Someone will find her. Maybe.

  5. I think by now Jamie is dead. Sorry.

  6. .

    1. On Miyazaki:

    I've seen Castle in the Sky and it was sort of in the middle for me. Nausica, Proco Russo (sp?) and Kiki's are the next three on my list, and it looks like those are good choices.

    2. On those poor children:

    I'm glad to hear it. Or was, rather, until I learned Jamie was dead.