A rechristening


When I started Tehachapiltdownman I was a newsman, Romenesko addict and AJR reader. And so when I started my blog, even though I followed the lead of blogging friends and made it personal in topic, I had a desire to produce something of journalistic value. Thus the name Tehachapiltdownman.

Tehachapi because I was in the know in Tehachapi. I could let readers know things before they would otherwise know. I could be the city's inside source.

Piltdown Man because I felt like a fraud and was not sure I would provide my blog with any follow-through. I didn't know where blogging would take me, but I felt like I was moving onto ground where I did not belong.

The name was awkward and confusing and I never really liked it, although it has grown on me some. But as Lady Steed and I are preparing to leave Tehachapi and as I have never been Mr Eye-on-Tehachapi, I can no longer delay changing the name.

One thing that has kept this name change a long time in coming is that the name I want to give it, Safety First!, has an accompanying graphic that I cannot find anywhere. My favorite second choice is Ample Portions.

Next time I post I will reveal the new name of the late great Tehachapiltdownman. Your thoughts are most certainly welcome.


  1. When are you guys moving? Are you leaving state or just town?

  2. Ooh, the anticipation is killing me. I might just skip work today and tomorrow until I find out the new name of your blog.

    I vote for... Meh. I can't think of anything clever.

  3. .

    Well, unless someone comes up with something brilliant, it's between Safety First! and Ample Portions.

    Already excluded but previously considered:

    Bedrock Blues
    Lesson in Baizzerizm
    Rude Awakening
    Scary Yard of Straw
    Fishstick Central
    xMonger Watch

    Actually, I just made most of those up, but you get the idea.

    (To Mandi--just nearer to my place of employment. This three-hour communte is killing me and making proper lesson preparation a near impossibility.)

  4. May I suggest a few names?

    Grandma's Britches
    A Little Slice of Heaven
    Blatant Disregard for Rhombi
    Vicious Monkeys (for that matter)
    Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Jefferson
    I Wish I Had A Better Looking Mole

    And finally

    My DAD is an HONOR STUDENT at Central Junior High.

  5. .

    Don't you love that Vicious Monkeys link?

    (blog name suggestion from word verification: lovopext)

  6. This three-hour communte is killing me...

    I wondered how long it would be before you cracked! It was killing ME just knowing about it!!!!!!!!!

    PS: I like Ample Portions

    PPS: I also was leaning toward Blantant Disregard (minus the "for Rhombi")

  7. How about:

    The Times They Are a Changin'

    Stop, Drop, and Roll

    My Bologna Had a First Name, Then He Died

    Seven Ways to Achieve Nirvana

    Lucky Stilts

    Tick Tock Clock, the Clock is Ticking for You


  8. .

    Man. So many good suggestions....

    Must ... think ... harder ....

  9. I kinda sorta like the Vicious Monkeys. And if that's not available, there's always Viscous Monkeys.

    I have a hard time understanding the Ample Portions, but I guess that's because you I just don't have a visual image of you that coincides with a title like that. The curse of you being a People I Wish I Knew instead of a People I Know.

  10. Alright, I thought of more now:

    Thmazing (I like it cuz it's simple and mysterious, and you)


    That's Thmazing or That's Thincredible

  11. tee hee hee

    Thmazing's Thmusings

  12. .

    Thmazing's Thmusings.... Heh heh. That's a good one.

    Is it too hard to say though?

  13. .

    You need to think of my intellectual largesse.


  14. Ah. Well, of course I didn't think of that. My minimal faculties are incapable of fathoming the expanses of your intellectual largesse.

  15. .

    Intellectual Largesse
    Narcissism Central
    Return to Narcissism
    Is Awesome
    Inability to Choose
    Paralyzed by Indecision

  16. Are these new title choices? I'm immediately drawn to the Paralyzed by Indecision. That rocks.

  17. Who cares how you say it?

    The blog is meant to be read not said. In fact, one day I am going to write a fantasy novel that is purely satirical.

    The title character:

    It's gotta be funny enough to make people talk, but when they talk about it, they will cringe at having to say any of the names aloud...

  18. .

    Good luck. I know a little something about writing books with character names people hate.


  19. Whatever you name it, I will follow your links.