Re: Veterans Day


No school tomorrow or the next day or the next day so I shall probably not be online again until Monday. So don't worry, it's not the bird flu.

Other things my absence is not include sabbatical, paintball expedition, hiding from French rioters, mourning lost loves, and closed-door senate session.

What aren't you doing this weekend?


  1. I am not taking over the world this weekend. (Can't find rubber pants my size.)

  2. I'm not going to loose any weight this weekend (I have this sweatshirt...)

  3. I'm not going to run another Event of Stupidity this weekend.

  4. I'm not getting any action this weekend.


    Wait. Was that too much information?

  5. Well, I don't know if I'm getting any action this weekend either :)

    I'm not going to eat healthily and I'm not going to get caught up on my homework.

  6. I'm not going to take a trip in a hot air balloon all the way down to Buenos Aires, AR (that's not Arkansas).

  7. I'm definitely not getting any action this weekend.

    I'm not pulling out your teeth with the claw-end of a hammer.

    I'm not writing haikus as a fundraiser for children with lyme disease.

    I'm not bleaching my hair and putting blue streaks in it. (Probably.)

    I'm not making any purchases in yen.

    I'm not electing myself Undersecretary of the Educational Exterior.

    I'm not learning how to flamenco.

    (That last one's really upsetting to me.)

  8. .

    Well! I met my goals. How about the rest of you?

  9. I didn't meet some of my goals, but I won't tell you which ones...

  10. .

    That's probably wise, Foxy.

    Although you know those masses and their demanding ways.....