The morning after


Well, once again, I vote and the majority votes against me.

I said yes on 75% of California's ballot propositions. The majority said no to all eight.

Sometimes I think democracy is an exercise in disappointment.


  1. I couldn't be more thrilled this morning. 75% of the people I voted for actually won! Unprecedented, and probably not to be duplicated ever again.

  2. The mayor I voted for lost, but the city council members and the art tax I voted for won. And the only thing I really cared about was the art tax, so I'm happy.

  3. Since I'm not a resident here, and since I don't know what's up in Utah, I don't even get to vote. So at least you get to participate in your democracy-as-exercise-in-disappointment.

    (MF: I'm hoping that's a tax for, not a tax on, art.)

  4. .

    Yes. And I don't knock it.

  5. A.A.--Yes, it's a .o1% (or something like that) sales tax that will go toward funding the arts in Orem. I dig it.

  6. .

    Does Orem want to be the next Springville?