Return to brrrrrrrr


The teachers' lounge is not heated. And so although, as I read my friends' blogs, I feel a need to catch up with their brilliance, my fingers are numb and I am shivering.

And don't knock me because I am in the desert because, dang it, it's always about ten degrees colder here in the morning than in my mountain home--and that's after the sun comes out, during my drive! And we've had our first big cold snap!

Um. This is a lame post. But I got other stuff to do right now. I'll try to redeem myself in a few hours.

Happy postHoliday Monday, all.


  1. Welcome back.

    And if it makes you feel any better, my office is freezing as well.

  2. Mine too! Sometimes I take a break to thaw m y fingres after using the mouse... I think they're fall i n g asleeeep...

  3. I'm sorry you're cold. I'm also sorry I chickened out and didn't recite your poem when we went around the table at Thanksgiving. I said something cheesy and everyone looked at me like I was retarded, which they would have done if I had read the poem, so it turns out I should have done it. Just one more regret . . .

  4. I personally am very warm at the moment. I guess some of us are just more hotblooded than others.

  5. Buck UP th.!

    Just remember, it's only 15 more months until summer in Canada...

  6. I share your woes of lame posts. visit my blog to read them.