Goodbye, Tehachapiltdownman


Well, I made a decision. After I admitted to myself that the main reason I could not choose Thmusings was because someone else came up with it, I decided to give it a try. I don't know if I'll stick with it, but here it is.

So! Thmusings is the new name of was first called Tehachapiltdownman. The name is specific to me but generic to content, which is appropriate for this forum. It is also difficult to pronounce, which is also often said of my hairstyles.

And the prior blog name.

Which is one reason it had detractors.

You see how well I learn from my mistakes.

Now! Off to the second hundred posts!


  1. Ohmigosh! I'm gonna cry.....

  2. .

    Oh, don't cry, Mandi. I'm happy with it now, but, to paraphrase my best pal Ralph Waldo Emerson, I'll speak today's blog title in strong words and tomorrow I'll speak tomorrow's blog title in strong words though it totally contradict the blog title of today.

    But, in other news, thank you.

  3. Oh yes, I feel it, I can come by more often now. Ha.