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After coming around on Beto Hernandez with that reread of Marble Season, I found myself on the Drawn & Quarterly and Fantagraphics websites just nosing around. I saw a Beto book I wanted to read and a book we heard about at Comic-Con that Lady Steed had wanting to read and some other temptations so I hopped over to the library website and found one of those two and a bunch of other interesting things and put them on hold, the first batch of which has now arrived.

In other news, I'm looking forward to January so I can rethink how I make these things, now that Blogger's rearranged itself.

087) The Twilight Children by Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke with Dave Stewart, finished October 9

What a dream team this is! Beto, Darwyn, and one of the top pitchers of the last A's World Series win who, incidentally, has done some fine color work on Hellboy in the past. Beto does the writing and Darwyn the drawing and we're off to the races. It never passed through my mind before, but Darwyn's art is not that far from Beto's. Even though it was obviously Darwyn's work, it wasn't hard at all to see the Beto shining through.

(In the back of the book are Beto's character designs. The variations between the two are about what you would expect.)

The story is like Twin Peaks in Puerto Rico. It's got the expert from out of town, the otherworldly strangeness, the unwillingness to properly resolve anything---even a Red Room equivalent.

Mind, I'm not accusing this book of copying the others. I don't think that's the case at all. But it's the shortest cut to letting you know what to expect.

And, if you don't require clean resolution, I think you'll love it!

one day

088) Sloth by Gilbert Hernandez, finished October 10

Having made the Hernandez/Lynch connection, I had a new key to unlock Sloth and you know what? The key fit. This one's less Twin Peaks, however, and more Mulholland Dr.

This teenager wills himself into and out of a year-long coma, see? And his girlfriend is studying local legends, see? And then, a la the legend, all the characters change rolls and we do it again!

Honestly, that surprise of organization is the biggest spoiler I could have given you, but I don't think it will ruin the experience. It a little gem of surrealism.

(And, am I crazy, or were there references to Mike Allred here and there throughout?)

one over-midnight sitting

089) Poppies of Iraq by Brigitte Findakly and Lewis Trondheim, finished October 15

I hadn't heard of Findakly before and didn't realize until I was reading the author bio in the back that she's married to Trondheim. This doesn't really matter.

What matters is how wonderful this book is. Clear-eyed nostalgia is not an easy feat, but Findlaky pulls it off. And Iraq---a country we have not been able to stop thinking about for thirty years, but which we have never really understood---is sketched out in living detail.

This is like travel. Only with substantially lower risk of running into Daesh. You should check it out.

under a week

090) Hot Comb by Ebony Flowers, finished October 18

I love most aspects of this book. It's another window to world other than my own. And having read about Black women's hair before (and seen the movie) I knew enough to know that I know very little about the specific aspect each story in this collection touches on.

But the writing and the characterizations feel real and true and lived-in.

The art though is hit and miss. It's cluttered and messy, often to the point of near illegibility. In other words, it is a very easy to see the influence of Flowers's mentor, Lynda Barry. Who is also a good and fascinating writer whose art is mostly ugly to the point of maybe not being worth the parsing?

I know, I know. Heresy.

two sittings


books from the recent and distant past

books one through five
001) Titiana in Yellow by Dayna Patterson, finished January 1
002) The Tree at the Center by Kathryn Knight Sonntag, finished January 5
003) After Earth by Michael Lavers, finished January 12
004) Monstress, Volume One: Awakening by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda, finished January 15
005) The Last Hot Time by John M. Ford, finished January 17

books six through eleven
006) The Marriage of the Moon and the Field by Sunni Brown Wilkinson, finished January 25
007) My Parents Married on a Dare by Carlfred Broderick, finished January 26
008) The Garden of Enid: Adventures of a Weird Mormon Girl (volume one) by Scott Hales, finished January 26
009) The Garden of Enid: Adventures of a Weird Mormon Girl (volume two) by Scott Hales, finished January 27
010) Solid State by Coulton / Fraction / Monteys, finished February 9
011) Into the Sun: Poems Revised, Rearranged, and New by Colin B. Douglas, finished February 16

books twelve through sixteen
012) Wag the Dog: A Study on Film and Reality in the Digital Age by Eleftheria Thanouli, finished February 17
013) Flaming Carrot Omnibus: Volume 1 by Bob Burden, finished February 17
014) The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag, finished February 22
015) The October Faction Vol. 2 by Steve Niles and Damien Worm, finished February 24
016) Minus by Lisa Naffziger, finished February 26

books seventeen through twenty-two
017) Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas by Jim Ottaviani and Maris Wicks, finished February 29
018) Calexit by Matteo Pizzolo | Amancay Nahuelpan | Tyler Boss, finished March 7
019) Emma by Jane Austen, finished March 8
020) Animal Man by Grant Morrison, Book One, by Morrison and team, finished March 14
021) The Chuckling Whatsit by Richard Sala, finished March 16
022) Gloriana by Kevin Huizenga, finished March 18

books twenty-three through twenty-seven
023) Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive by an Allred-led team, finished March 20
024) Homespun and Angel Feathers by Darlene Young, finished March 25
025) Jinchalo by Matthew Forsythe, finished March 28
026) Lost Dogs by AUTHOR, finished March 28
027) The Pearl of Greatest Price: Mormonism's Most Controversial Scripture by Terryl Givens with Brian M. Hauglid, finished March 29

books twenty-eight through thirty-two
028) If Mother Braids a Waterfall by Dayna Patterson, finished April 2
029) Witchy Kingdom by D.J. Butler, finished April 11
030) Prayers in Bath by Luisa Perkins, finished April 14
031) On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden, finished April 22
032) Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher by Jake Parker, finished April 22

books thirty-three through thirty-seven
033) Irreversible Things by Lisa Van Orman Hadley, finished April 27
034) Pillar of Light: Joseph Smith's First Vision by Andrew Knaupp and Sal Velluto, finished May 3
035) Hermana by Becca McCulloch, finished May 13* 036) Best American Comics 2017 by Ben Katchor, finished May 19
037) "Q" is for Quarry by Sue Grafton, finished May 22

books thirty-eight through forty-two
038) Draft No. 4* by John McPhee, finished May 22
039) Salt by Susan Elizabeth Howe, finished May 25
040) Endless Night by Agatha Christie, finished June 5
041) A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle, finished June 8
042) Caldera Ridge by Jack Harrell, finished June 10

books forty-three through forty-seven
043) God's Man by Lynd Ward, finished June 13
044) Zot! 1987–1991 by Scott McCloud, finished June 17
045) Big Fish by Daniel Wallace, finished June 20
046) Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz, finished June 24
047) Exhalation by Ted Chiang, finished June 28

books forty-eight through fifty-one
048) iZOMBIE: Dead to the World by Chris Roberson & Michael Allred (et al), finished July 4
049) iZOMBIE: uVAMPIRE by Chris Roberson & Michael Allred (et al), finished July 4
050) iZOMBIE: Six Feet Under & Rising by Chris Roberson & Michael Allred (et al), finished July 6
051) iZOMBIE: Repossession by Chris Roberson & Michael Allred (et al), finished July 6

books fifty-two through fifty-six
052) Remember the Revolution! by James Goldberg, finished July 14
053) Future Day Saints by Matt Page, finished July 19
054) Animal Man: The Hunt by Jeff Lemire & Travel Foreman, finished July 22
055) Superman: Before Truth by Gene Luen Yank & John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson & Dean White, finished July 27
056) Castle Waiting: The Lucky Road by Linda Medley, finished August 1

books fifty-eight through sixty-two
057) Alive: New and Selected Poems by Elizabeth Willis, finished August 4
058) Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson, finished ~ August 7
059) Beyond Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language by Gretchen McCulllch, finished August 9
060) Sisters by Raina Telgemeier, finished August 11
061) Marble Season by Gilbert Hernandez, finished August 15
062) Frogcatchers by Jeff Lemire, finished August 17

books fifty-eight through sixty-two
063) Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell, finished August 21
064) Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, finished August 24
065) Martian Manhunter Vol. 1: The Epiphany by William, Barrows, et al., finished August 28
066) Martian Manhunter Vol. 2: The Red Rising by William, Barrows, et al., finished August 28

books sixty-seven through seventy-six
067) Marble Season by Gilbert Hernandez, finished September 3
068) Half Magic by Edward Eager, finished September 4
069) Lux by Elizabeth Cook, finished September 12
070) Rachel Rising 1: The Shadow of Death by Terry Moore, finished September 12
071) Rachel Rising Vol. 2 : Fear No Malus by Terry Moore, finished September 12
072) Rachel Rising Vol. 3 : Cemetery Songs by Terry Moore, finished September 14
073) Rachel Rising Vol. 4 : Winter Graves by Terry Moore, finished September 15
074) Rachel Rising Vol. 5: Night Cometh by Terry Moore, finished September 17
075) Rachel Rising Vol. 6: Secrets Kept by Terry Moore, finished September 17
076) Rachel Rising Vol. 7: Dust to Dust by Terry Moore, finished September 18

books seventy-seven through eighty-six
077) A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, finished September 19
078) Echo by Terry Moore, finished September 21
079) Bone by Jeff Smith, finished September 21
080) The Resisters by Gish Jen, finished September 22
081) Knight's Castle by Edward Eager, finished September 26
082) Drama by Raina Telgemeier, finished approximately September 28
083) Leaving Megalopolis by Gail Simone and J. Calafiore, finished October 2
084) Don't Hassle Me with Your Sighs, Chuck by Charles M. Schulz, finished October 2
085) The Hard Tomorrow by Eleanor Davis, finished October 2
086) Smile by Raina Telgemeier, finished October 8

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