the seventeenth five, 2009


Four of the five books this time have been reviewed on Fob Comics. Just click the picture to read the review.

I'll be voting in the special election while you do.

Hooray for no clearly superior choices!

085) Full Color by Mark Haven Britt, finished August 31

    Full Color
    four or five days

084) Manhunter: Forgotten by Marc Andreyko et al, finished Aug 25
    Cut off in its prime, Marc Andreyko pulled a clever, throwing his characters fifteen years into the future. It made a sound ending for the book, although it's a definite pity that we don't know how all those plot threads were set to resolve. Too bad.

    But Master Fob tells me that Manhunter still appears as added content elsewhere in DC bookery. So for those willing to work hard, there shall be more.

    Me, I'm lazy. Every one I've read it's been because Master Fob stuck it in my hands.
    five days

083) Glacial Period by Nicolas de Crécy, finished August 20

    Glacial Period
    one night ending after midnight

082) House of Mystery primarliy by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges, finished August 19

    House of Mystert
    House of Mystery
    one night ending before midnight

081) The Portable Frank by Jim Woodring, finished August 19


    an afternoon and evening



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  1. I'm going to have nightmares about those House of Mystery images. They've been haunting me all day since I saw your post. At least I'm not currently pregnant.

  2. .

    Yeah. I read this a couple days before LLS's birth. I didn't share with the Lady of the house.

    And I'm sorry the Vampire Cats!!!! got cut off. I'm going to go edit its size now.

  3. .

    [Edit: Fixed. I really need to figure out the code to keep images from getting cut off. It's reeelly annoying.]

  4. .

    Incidentally, since I read HofM, my opinion of it has gone up. The writing's not that great, but it has the sort of compelling (haunting) ideas that great horror is built from. There were other images I could have scanned, for sure.