I'll tell you what I don't believe


Mommy puppy poopoo
--- part of the average list

with Batman and Robin Hood still alive in Hollywood
(music too)

here's the thing that bugs me
people writing crap and calling it


(much as I'm about to do
(but I'm allowed
(it's a special dispensation
(albeit without rewrites
(or bulletproof argument)

"I don't much believe in you," he said
as he turned his back and walked away.
It wasn't Bogey and it couldn't have been
but it was in black and white
and if we could do it one more time with italics on the was
just one more time
then we'll call it a wrap.

No one believes that.

Teacher says that we just need to pull ourselves together
and we will be smart.

And no one believes that either.

We are accustomed to failure and so failure requires no belief
anymore than the liquor store down the street
or the liquor store beyond that
or the liquor store beyond that.

And these days unless you live in Jersey or Oregon
old basketball players can't even pump gas.

What happens when you decide to decide to decide but never make a decision
--- decisions happen to you. (suitable maxim)

Like a trainwreck. Something is. Something was like a trainwreck.
And now it's gone.
Like a trainwreck.

I don't believe that anything said makes sense. Futility of language.

Q: Does belief in nothing constitute belief?

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