Disliked thing


I don't like how my blogroll in Thutopia doesn't show the ten most recent posts, but the ten most recent posters. That is, if you post twice today, I will only see your more recent one and miss the first. Lame.

And don't tell me to use RSS or Google Reader. I'm not interested. Just not my style.

Gripe gripe moan complain.


  1. Your blog is the one I most often miss posts on when you post close together as well-thats when I have to watch the thus sprachen section-so at least you have that going for ya.

  2. Lucky for you I don't often post more than once a day anymore. Sometimes not even more than once a week!

  3. This means you only see about 30% of what I post, which is probably okay. I suggest only reading the posts that aren't whiny. Ambrosia, on the other hand, often posts five or six small ones in a row...and they're all gems...feeling very sorry for you now.