Mormon Arts at the Berkeley Institute of Religion


I intend to go to Phoebe's house as frequently as possible the next couple of months. Anyone want to go with me?

Introduction (you missed it)

Painting: Two Visions of the Book of Mormon: Minerva Teichert and Arnold Freiberg (right this very moment)

Visual Arts: Visualizing God: Mormon Images of Jesus (Tuesday September 8)

City Planning: The Plan for the City of Zion, the Mormon Village and Suburban Mormons (Tuesday September 15)

Architecture: 19th Century: Iconography of the Early Temples (Tuesday September 22)

Architecture: 20th Century: Period Revivals, International Style and Standard Plans (Tuesday September 29)

Poetry: Mormon Women Poets: From Eliza R. Snow to Emma Lou Thayne (Tuesday October 6)

Literature: Mormon Fantasy Writers in the Mainstream: Orson Scott Card and Stephanie Meyer (Tuesday October 13)

Literature: A Short Look at Mormon Short Stories (Tuesday October 20)

Dance: Dancing with the Saints (Tuesday October 27)

Music: From MoTab to Motown: Music and Missionary Work from the Tabernacle Choir to Gladys Knight (Tuesday November 3)

Music: Music in Mormon Worship: God's Music and the Devil's (Tuesday November 10)

Drama: Roadshows, Pageants and Plays (Tuesday November 17)

Film: From Provo to Sundance: Cipher in the Snow, Tom Trails and Napoleon Dynamite (Tuesday November 24)


  1. Ditto what Wm. said. Blasted Berkelians, having all the fun over there...