A ravenous creature is the advanced reading copy. It comes up on you with every intention to attack, retrieve and capture your attention, reading-time and compassion. And, really, come on --- isn't that what they're for?

Today in the mail I received my copy of Elna Baker's The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance in nice hardback. I'm very excited to get into it. Then I'll review it and interview the author for AMV.

Coming in the next week or so is the new novel from perhaps my most-admired Mormony-Mormon writer, Todd Robert Petersen, Rift. This book's based on my least favorite story in his excellent collection, but I'm excited all the same. This review too will appear on AMV.

David J. West's Heroes of the Fallen has a disadvantage in that it's a pdf. And I hate reading onscreen. This book has [another dis]advantage as well, viz. that unlike Elna whom I will talk with and Todd whom I have tweeted with, I have a genuine relationship-type thing with David. We hang out at each other's blogs, break bread, share music and books, etc. So I understand why he's nervous. I'm nervous too, for mirrorland reasons. (We shouldn't be too worried though. Like any writer worth his salt, he's got chops to back up the ego [I've read a short piece] and I've been wanting to read some Tarzan or Mars for a while and the Book of Mormon version just sounds like too much fun to ignore.) Good chance this'll hit AMV too.

That's a lot of reading, cf (while I'm working two jobs, deathly ill and trying to succor a crying infant --- not to mention the ARCs I turned down or are rapidly coming).

All reading challenges are really cool, though. Mmm. AP reads a couple, and reappropriated criticism's fairgame, yes?

Ah, relax. Constitutionally, I am not able to cheat on reviews.

All reading conscientiously and reliably completed.


  1. I didn't realize Elna's book was out yet-I've been anticpating it.

    And thanks for the breaking bread comment-I feel the same.

  2. .

    It's not out till next month. Neener.

    The internet is easy to love, isn't it? Because it makes so many other otherwise impossible things possible. (Not just terror cells, either.)

  3. Sounds fun, if hectic. I look forward to your reviews.

    Feel better soon; that's an order.