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The Bible (et al) has a lot to say about the transience of wealth --- thieves, moths, rust --- riches becoming slippery that they can't be held --- that sort of thing.

Now, I don't want to be misinterpreted and have people thinking I'm judging others, but current events demonstrate just how slippery wealth can be. Viz:

    ...the fortunes of the 1,000 wealthiest people in the UK have fallen more than 50% from £412.8 billion in the list for 2008 to about £200 billion. The value of some assets, including hedge funds and property firms, has been shattered by as much as 90%. *

To say nothing of the schmucks with ridiculous mortgages. Or the poor folks who've had jobs evaporate.

Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.

This other stuff has a definite shelf life.

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  1. C'est vraiment vrai!

    Unrelated: is the triple dash your new thing --- since 'ld never really caught on?

  2. I'm going to call this post and this one related.

  3. .

    You're probably right, Adam.

    Schmett: I just don't think -- is long enough in most digital environemnts --- looks too much like a hyphen.

  4. Even a system tied to precious metals or some other such would have fluctuations but the fluctuations wouldn't be so dramatic.

    The dollar is going to crash, hyper-inflation is only months off. At least that is what my gut is telling me. Too much governmental borrowing and printing of money. This pattern cannot continue without something to offset or make balance.

    I just wish I had the ability to prepare for it better.

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    Surely you have your food storage all prepared!

  6. After a year of unemployment, which is blessedly behind me, the food storage is only now beginning to exceed just a couple weeks again. I'd feel far more secure if other aspects of my life were more prepared as well as my supply of food and other life sustaining supplies.

    I'm not exactly sure if I should attribute this to J. Golden Kimball or not but I remember someone of such stature suggesting that each generation seems to look at what is happening in the world as they age and invariably proclaim "the world is going to the dogs!" He finishes his commentary by proclaiming how it is about time for the dogs to get their due comings.

    I have to wonder, though, if times have come to this point. Has it actually met that point of no return where the dogs will have their day?