Thmazing's Unchristmas Spectacular

Thmazing's Unchristmas Spectacular


Thmazing's 2008 holiday extravaganza is now available as a delightful cd, an heirloom to share with future generations. Includes extensive liner notes from experts on why his selections ain't Christmas songs. Highlights include:
    Jingle Bells
      The notes note the holidaylessness of the song, plus a recap of the everpresent bobtails mystery.

    Winter Wonderland
      This ode to spies coming out of the cold has been included on Christmas albums since the dawn of recorded (-ing) history.

    My Favorite Things
      This song, in addition to being unrelated to Christmas, has the added advantage (slash horror) of bringing the Christ child within one degree of separation from Nazis.

    Frosty The Snowman
      Seriously: What has this got to do with Christmas?

    What Child Is This?
      Yes, yes, this "is" a Christmas song. But if you listen closely, Thmazing is actually singing "Greensleeves." Gotcha!

    I Have a Little Dreidel / Eight Crazy Nights (medley)
      If you're like me, you always thought that Hanukkah was what the Maccabees came up with so they could keep celebrating Christmas under Antiochus's nose. Turns out that's not the case.

    Let It Snow
      I'm guessing people in Australia don't get precipitation songs mixed up with religious songs.

    Smells Like Teen Spirit
      What's a Christmas album without it?


  1. Godwin!!!!

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    No. Frickin'. Way.

  2. Love this Album!

    I have always wondered why the winter songs got mixed up with the Christmas songs... Now, I know I'm not alone.

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    Bonus credits for anyone who can identify the album art's provenance.

  4. Thematically, as in design era, or specifically, as in ripped off? ;)

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    Oh, I totally ripped it off.

  6. Well, it's the subspecies of mid-century modern known as "Sputnik," but I can't find it.

  7. In my defense, I started with Frankie (although I should've known better than that), then went to the "rat pack" collective, and got interrupted right as I was typing Dean Martin.

    So :P~~~~

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