Recapping Thostradamus's 2008 Predictions


My predictions:

Lady Steed says gas will hit $4.50 a gallon--happily she's wrong, but, unhappily, not by much
    We nailed this one.

No Country for Old Men will win best picture
    Again, I was absolutely right.

At least three Olympic athletes will pass out during track-&-field events: cause traced to air quality
    Air pollution was something of a nonstarter, wasn't it?

Democrats will get smart and select Obama, which will a) deflate centrist movements and b) allow a squeaker of a win over Romney
    I was basically right. They did pick Obama whose strong showing was a big part of the reason Unity'08 died and, depending on how you think about things, you could argue his win was a squeaker. But already we're just seeing it as a massive, history-changing win. We shall see.

Get Smart will have the biggest opening for a Steve Carell film ever
    Nope. Well, depends on how you count. Of Carrell-starring vehicles, this year's Horton wins that race. But Bruce Almighty had a HUUUGE opening back in 2003.

A major terrorist attack thwarted in the UK
    Um. Not that I remember. They must've kept it out of the news.

Bush will personally pull this year's "October surprise"
    There really wasn't much of an October Surprise, was there? I guess the Obama/Hilary thing cleared all that up early and McCain's been around so long there was nothing left to reveal.

Cheney will be hospitalized

Rates for house foreclosures will hit record highs

The 2008 network tv season will suck
    Probably, but I was only watching the bright spots.

Both Tupac and Biggie will release new albums
    Tupac: just a single. Biggie: nothing.

Lemony Snicket will publish a story to help some chartable organization
    I think. Isn't Lump of Coal for the benefit of some such charitable thing?

From the moment we buy a new car, I will have buyer's remorse for the next six months, precisely
    Didn't last that long. And really, it wasn't "buyer's remorse" but "environmentalist's remorse" if anything.

That car will (gasp) be an American brand
    Not unless you include Mazdas Fords.

The Big O will start reading his favorite books

Large S will not
    Tru dat.

America will experience it's first cyberattack which won't be well coordinated enough to cause major damage, but, in response, the Dow will fall well over a thousand points and NASDAQ at least fie hundred
    Nope. Missed this one. (Good thing.)

Apple will announce a foray into ebooks
    Sorta. It's weak, but we'll call this a yes.

Britney Spears will be hospitalized for something absolutely unsurprising
    If she was, I was so unsurprised I can't even remember.

Nothing but sad personal news from Amy Winehouse
    Ditto here.

The Patriots will choke in the fourth quarter

I won't watch the World Series--or even know it's happening until it's half over
    True to the last half, but I did watch most of the last game with the Big O.

HD screens will cost 60% on December 31 what they do today
    I'm too lazy to check this, but I'm guessing I was pretty close.

WALL-E will make more than Ratatouille but less than The Incredibles
    Dead on, Thostradamus.

We will buy a rug for the living room
    Right again.

Lady Steed will fret about ants 235% more than I will
    If not more.

Master Fob will be a published librarian
    Mr Fob? Comment?

Three more bloggers on my sidelist will go private
    About that. They're gone now, so we can't count.

A documentary on bats will make you weep like a baby

Also, you will meet someone tall dark and handsome
who will lay you out
with a blackjack
    You tell me.


  1. Sorta. It's weak, but we'll call this a yes.

    Not if you include not approving books with the F-word in it from the iApp store, no. Nobody cared until a CNET staffer who self-published got the "no." Twice.

    Of course, they turned me down 2 weeks ago, but it took someone with some visibility to get this thing out in the good air.

    That is balanced by the fact that a few major publishers have made deals to release their titles as stand-alone applications for the iApp store, but either Apple will be terribly inconsistent in applying their obscenity clause or they simply do not want to be in the ebook business.

    I vote #2.

  2. Re: laid out with a blackjack

    My head still hurts....

  3. Update: I got an email from the editor of Knowledge Organization this morning asking me to review an article for them and by the way, he hopes I was happy with the way my article looked in print. So it's possible your prediction came true without me knowing it, but I've yet to verify this.

  4. Update 2: I am indeed a published librarian, as of Knowledge Organization v35 n4. Dang, you're good.