Have I done any wikigood in the world this year?

Wikipedia logo.

This year (2008) I initiated the following Wikipedia articles (so far) (not including mere redirects):
I also started some articles for the Muppet wiki and the DC wiki and possibly others as well. Not sure. But I really feel that Wikipedia in particular is one of the most important public services of my generation --- perhaps the most important of those that don't feed starving children and prevent landmine wounds and the like.

So this isn't too bad. I feel like I'm doing my part. Overall I made well over 500 edits this year (and that's just when I was logged in!) so at least I'm not a total slouch.

Long live knowledge! And its children, faith comfort democracy love safety --- all that good stuff.

Now: let's go edit something!

or, lacking that
donate some money


  1. OK, how do you decide where to start? I haven't just browsed these sites for opportunities to share my knowledge.

  2. .

    Browsing sounds like a good start.

    then, with Wikipedia, you just hit "edit this page" and make corrections and additions.

  3. Just one question. Do you sleep? And another. And are your thours the same units of time as my hours?

  4. .

    Science has yet to determine the answer to that fundamental question.

    Often I write a Wikipedia article just because I ran across it in an article and thought the void might be unfilled, or because I really needed the article myself and the void was easily filled with a bit broader Internet research.