Th'dunce & Th'genius


Recently, Mr. Fob boasted that only very clever people could read his blog. Or, at the very least, snobby intellectual sorts. And Edgy seemed ashamed to not quite measure up. I checked mine and I came up junior high, but by the next day I had dropped to elementary school, where I remain today.


Contrary to being sheepish about this, I'm actually quite proud. I'm much more a Hemingway than a Faulkner (at least in my mind) and I proclaim Simplicity of Language! with a sometimes obnoxious vigor.

Also, I assumed that it probably had more to do with the length of my paragraphs than anything else. I feel very strongly that online paragraphs should be short.

Anyway, today I happened to run across this again at Jeb's blog and punched in a couple other sites, including The Weekly Svithe. I have The Weekly Svithe set up to only show one post at a time, so when it tested it, it only had access to this bitty thing. Result?

The brilliance of the religious mind.

So now I'm quite mystified. I wish I had some idea. It would seem my Flesch-Kincaid theory is bunk. It's a shame I only have a sixth-grade education, or I might be able to figure it out.....


  1. That "bitty thing" DOES have the word "portmanteau" on it; perhaps that helped.

    I'm gonna have to test MY blog now; I enjoy tossing around the occasional highfalutin word here and there--I'm kinda susquepedalian that way (though I'm not sure whether that word is a noun or an adjective--and the spelling is a stab in the dark).

  2. Yeah, I don't get it....

    I put in my blog's URL, and it said I'm at a high-school level. Then I chose one of my more highfalutin posts and earned a genius rating, but then I chose some of my most simple blogs trying to get "elementary school" and STILL got genius.


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    [edit: fixed a coding error to enable a link]

  4. I think I agree with Janell that it's just a hash.


  5. After some more careful testing, it doesn't rate any actual content. My blog as a whole got a junior high level. Each of the posts displayed earned a Genius level while individually tested.

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    Well that's some easy programming.

  7. Um, I think that thing is broken. Mine came up at jr. high level, and Lola's is at a genius level. Something is very, very wrong. Not that the evaluation of my blog was wrong, but Lola can't spell "the." What the? Maybe it just gave in because of all the "unrecognized" words?

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    Could be. You can bluff it.