Elder Ballard Sez
(a svithe)

Elder Ballard.

En-her-gy Girl spoke in church today (and did a fine job, btw) (which makes three bloggers to give excellent talks this month). Anyway, she mentioned something my brother blogged about and that I had intended to svithe today, but nearly forgot: the apostolic call to blog.

Yep, the word's come down from Elder Ballard: we Mormon bloggers need to get the LDS viewpoint out on the Vital Issues of the Day.

I'm not much-a-one for a) New Year's Resolutions or b) blogging on the Vital Issues of the Day, but I think we can expect lots of silly talk about Mormons out there in the void come 2008. So my svithe/NYR today is this: I resolve to get into the fray in a wholesome, bright-eyed way, thus obeying a prophet of God and, perhaps, getting interviewed on a highly rated radio program where the host is a jerk and hates everyone. I furthermore resolve not to loose my temper or to stew about that &*^%$$# for ten to twenty days afterward.

I also resolve to stop seeking out monkeys simply to make dog collars from their tails before the ASPCA finds out.


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  1. I wrote about this when it was breaking news but I don't think it made it past "draft" stage. oh well. I'll have to find some other occasion to harness "the new media"... hmmm...

  2. I was going to say "Happy New Year!" but now I'm just disturbed at the thought of tailless monkeys.

    RE the call to blog, the biggest shame is that the Mormons who most answer the call will the ones with all the wacky ideas. *sigh*

  3. .

    Sadly you are almost certainly right.

    Me, for instance....