The problem with Monday

Gun from Jupiter

According to the fact-checked Internet, Monday is International Bring-a-Gun-to-School Day. "Many office workers jealous of the inability to bring their favourite guns to work. Teachers world-wide point and laugh (most holding guns)."

And that is the problem with Monday, said the apparently pink-blooded school teacher.


  1. Oh, dear. Well, we always knew there was something wrong with Mondays. And my roommate's bro is a teacher, and he actually has a concealed weapons permit, so I guess every day is Monday for him.

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    What state? Can he still take it to school?

  3. Utah, and he has special permission from the administration to take it to school with him. He also makes a point of bringing it with him any time he visits our apartment . . . since there are Mexicans in the complex, he obviously needs a gun (his reasoning, not mine)

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    That's pretty much the reason I pack heat to the temple too.