How does this thing work?

¿¿¿cassette player???.

In my reading class, we have cd players for the students to listen to audiobooks. One of them went missing yesterday while I was home sick and so today I busted out the old cassette players so they could play the cassette copies of the books if they wanted.

Cunning technology, those cassette players.

Two people ended up using them. I had to explain the following things the following number of times:

    how to open it (three times)
    how to put a tape in (six times)
    why the player won't play, end of tape (once)
    why the player won't play, no batteries (twice)
    you have to flip tapes over (twice)
    how to know which side of a tape to play first (twice)
    how to "play" (three times)
    how to "pause" (twice)
    how to "stop" (thrice)

I tell you: rarely has 31 felt so old.

I might have well given them an eight-track.


  1. Heh. Yeah, the local public library has Swedish tapes on cassette - and I can't find a cassette player for the life of me. Maybe I can pick one up for cheap on eBay or something.

  2. .

    The one I pictured on the post "starts at $40" --- if you can believe that. Who do they think they're kidding?

  3. What's an eight track?


  4. At this point twenty-five seems old, so I feel your pain. I had the same problem one day with books on tape.


  5. Heywaitaminute....

    HOW old are these kids? High school, right? 'Twas not so very long ago that I myself was in high school; I remember cassettes! Is the technology gap really THAT sudden? I've only been graduated a little more than three years!

  6. .

    I would say yes. Yes it is.

  7. Oh man- That is hilarious! I guess I'm old at the age of 23! :)

  8. .

    Today I had one turn me down: "Those tape players are hecka hard to use."