As long as I'm bad-mouthing Overstock, how 'bout I accuse them of racism?


Many of you commented on my last Overstock-themed post that the company likely outsources its customer service to some place like India. After going back and rereading my previous exchanges with them, I'm prone to accept that argument.

In fact, what's surprising is that I didn't arrive at that conclusion on my own, given the reps' rather awkwardly polite prose style.

And then I realized: excepting "Jack", all the customer service reps had names that would generally be classified as somewhere between "very black" and "sambo"--which is where the accusation comes in:

See, I had been imagining a call center in the ghetto, giving some American citizens a leg-up into the middle class.

Instead, those names were being used to disguise a foreign-based workforce and the exportation of money that could instead have been in the ghetto doing some good at home.


I wonder if it's true.


  1. It could indeed be true. I mean, just because Overstock's hq is in SLC doesn't mean that they stick to American Employees for customer service.

  2. What do you mean by "somewhere between 'very black' and 'sambo'"? I work for Overstock customer service.

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    But I'll bet you don't use your real name while chatting, now do you?

  4. Wait, did I miss the part where you called them racist bastards? Because I wouldn't want to miss that.

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    I suppose I'm more accusng them of playing the white guilt card, more than anything else.