I Svithe


Take a moment to step away from the computer screen and walk to a window.

Look out your window and find the natural world.

Maybe it's obvious--a mountain in the distance or the tree in your front yard.

Maybe it's a single spot of green growing through the crack in your neighbor's wall.

Perhaps you will have to open the window and listen for the song of a bird.

See hear? Hear it? Feel it?

That is your svithe.

last week's svithe


  1. I am glad that I live in this beautiful world, even if I don't believe Heavenly Father created it expressly for me.

  2. WAIT. He DIDN'T create it just for me?

  3. Snow-covered mountains. I look up and face them full-on every day as I drive off to work. And I offer a prayer of thanks for them at that very moment.

    Every day.

  4. Sun pouring in my East-facing window every morning. And seeing the orangey glow of 5:00 reflected in my neighbor's West-facing window.