A special post just for all my tragic goth girl fans


misery creepeth

I'm always getting letters here at Theadquarters asking why I don't do more posts devoted directly toward all my tragic goth girl fans. The short answer is that most of that sort of work I tend to get paid for and if you want to give me two hundred and fifty bucks and meet me half way . . . .

But today I am going to help these my friends out with a special post just for them.

I just picked up Angela Carter's Bloody Chamber after a seven-year hiatus and started reading again from the beginning and I have to tell you--you girls will love every page of this, from the bloody reenactment of the Bluebeard legend to the ravenous wolves at the end. I guarantee it.

But no doubt you have plenty of depressing and eyelinered prose and poetry already lying before you and are uncertain you can interrupt your literary itinerary for this 27-year-old book.

Then let me introduce you to the tale "The Lady of the House of Love." The lady in question is both Sleeping Beauty and a vampire, trapped in a castle surrounded by thorns, wanting something she cannot name and thus, instead of love, she can partake only of death.

I won't go very deep into this, but suffice it to say you will read the story again and again and never will you be satiated.

Much like the Countess Nosferatu.

The book is a work of wonder--the prose is beautiful and sad and like falling through Dream.

And it is all for you,

my Tragic Goth Girls.


  1. I get this nagging feeling in the back of my head that you directed this post my way. I'm not sure, but I think you did. I'm just saying.

  2. Whew.

    I'm glad you finally wrote a post just for me.