Nonononono, thank you (a svithe)


I am grateful....
    for library sales;

    that sneezing is usually actually quite fun--since I'm going to have to do it anyway;

    that the world is filled with beautiful details;

    for the ability to make crap up;

    for today's cool breeze;

    for my sweet green shirt;

    that I can wear a tie to work;

    I'm an optimistic person;

    for a woman who thinks I'm borderline alright;

    for books to read;

    for great art;

    to be able to walk;

    for the magic of physical contact;

    to be able to express myself, given enough retries;

    for a son who is happy to see me;

    for the (temporary) end of diaper-changing;

    for the notion of forever;

    for parents who try to adjust their expectations the reality of Me;

    that I own a pair of orange shoes;

    that I'm not a picky eater;

    to have dreams;

    for weather;

    that our ward is stuffed full of strings players who graced us with Pachelbel's Canon which, no matter what the antipopulists say, is still a beautiful piece of music;

    for the kind people who've done kind things that I can file away for the times when I need those kinds of memories;

    that Moroni didn't give up when he felt weak;

    for genes that may keep me alive in spite of myself;

    that I can still think I'm one good-looking man even when I desperately need a haircut;

    to be a human jukebox--even if some songs seem to get stuck on endless repeat;

    for the Internet, which helps me keep in touch with so many people I otherwise might lose track of;

    for patience--especially that of others;

    for cranberries;

    for garlic;

    for the cuisines of Mexico and Korea and Italy and India and a bunch of other countries--some of which I've still to be introduced to;

    for the smiles of young children;

    that I suck at video games;

    that most sneezes smell good;

    for a faith that builds bridges in my mind;

    for the USGS earthquake reports online;

    to be able to laugh;

    for a lovely place to live;

    for easy freeway access;

    for love;

    for you.

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  1. Nice.

    Very, very nice.

    But, I will add--what do sneezes actually smell like? Roses? The rain?

  2. I'm thankful for fun blogs

    and for the Greeks

    on another note, my friend says that sneezes are 1/8th of an orgasm, but I'm not sure I believe her.

    I still like sneezing though.

  3. Nocturne: My old supervisor (male) would always tell me that sneezing was better than s-e-x. ALWAYS say that, all the dang time. :)

  4. PS, I'm thankful for the blessing of hindsight, and that I have made it through these last 2 years since Thanksgiving 2004. Time really does give you a better perspective on things--especially eternal type things.

  5. .

    Sneezes smell like sneezes--what else can I say?

    I've never thought to compare them to sex however....