It is much too late for me to be the first to note Ben Christensen né Master Fob né Ben Christensen's birthday, but it's not too late for me to weigh in on the pressing issue of whether his birth was worth the bother.

After much thought and consideration and careful exploration of opposing viewpoints, I am going to have to say yes. It was worth it.

Ben has recorded our history on his blog and I'm not feeling the need to be redundant, so instead I will simply state how excellent a best friend he makes and how ashamed I am that I did not know his birthday was today. He is a superior sort of human being and I'm glad to know I will be in his orbit for many, many years to come.

Happy birthday, pal.

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  1. Thank you. Feel no shame, my friend. I knew when your birthday was and I think I still managed to let it pass without wishing you a happy one. As I recall, I had the thought to do so several times throughout the day, but never while I was near a computer. So happy birthday to you too.