Class hijinks!


So I've taken a time machine and returned to elementary school. The classroom I was in the last five work days even smelled like my old school, and although I didn't make anyone cry, the week was not a total loss: several girls had a screamitout during PE and cried all on their own.

The facts are plain: crying follows me whenever I wade into the affairs of children.

But since Wise Bloggers say crying is good, I feel like this must be part of the altruistic service we teachers are so famous for.

At any rate, the crying notwithstanding, students tend to love me--especially when I am playing the role of substitute. Basically, I think, because I don't care so much if they say "shamalamadingdong" and laugh and laugh. After all, I'm not vested in their year's progress--I'm just interested in all twenty-five of us surviving the day.

The problem, of course, is that this attitude of mine can spiral into their psyches like a wanderlust demon and lead to all sorts of shenanigans. Which is my clever and long introduction to the two new shirts in the Thmazing Thtore collection.

Thasionistas take note! These shirts are fitted!

In fact, this design only comes in fitted. Unless I want to pay a regular fee to expand my store's offerings, I am somewhat limited in what I can offer at any given time. Now, as previously stated, all Thtore designs are limited edition (look for I fear Thmazing to disappear later this week), but now things will become even more limited than previously anticipated.

The reason is simple (I'm not making money) and the reason behind that reason is twofold:

1 - Of all the tshirt buyers in the world, few have the requisite taste to purchase theriphernalia and

2 - Of the four products currently available in the Thtore, I am making a profit on only one (1) of them.

Anyway, on to the introduction of this new design:

It is called Class Hijinks and is the ideal design for people who have taught, been taught, or ever seen a school. Buy one for the educator/educatee in your life!

By popular demand, my personal logo now appears on the back of all new Thtore designs.

Hot coeds!So edgy!

Note on the provenance of this image:

I have mentioned before that I have a unique drawing style, but it would be more accurate to say that I have styles, none of which quite meets the rigorous requirements of normality (or good taste). But I flatter myself that those styles have an inherent interest, and my first book, that legendary sasquatch of literature, was to have been author-illustrated before.... But that's another story.

This illustration is one of the extant illustrations from that book.

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  1. Better. I'm still holding out for the one that screams Theric! to me, though.