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Others have posted their Republican/Democrat personality splits, and I have followed their lead, taken the tests, and, according to this (highly unscientific) methodology, I am 8% of one and 8% of the other.

Which sounds about right.

Edgy has suggested the remainder may be Libertarian, and I think he is mostly right--I'm am voting for the Libertarian candidate for governor, after all--but as much as I love the Libertarian Party and what they stand for, I also starkly disagree with some of their positions.

I also rah-rah the Greens, while violently disagreeing with some of their positions.

I consider myself sort of a Green/Libertarian mix, which is a pretty worthless political viewpoint in America these days.

I would love to see a third party ascend. We shall see.

Anyway, I think I've settled on what I am voting for this election, and here is the surprising breakdown by party:

American Independent - 1
Democratic - 0
Green - 1
Libertarian - 2
Peace & Freedom - 0
Republican - 7

I am frankly astonished by how many Republicans I voted for, and how few Democrats and third-party candidates. Secretary of State, for instance, was a tough call, D/R, but I went with the Republican.

I think the reason my votes lean so heavily red is because I live in such a blue state. I imagine if I was voting in Utah or Indiana, these numbers would skew in a very different direction.

Anyway, my choice of a vote is usually a pretty good indication of who will lose a race. So it looks like the Republicans are about to get walloped in California.

Viva la Moderation!


  1. Ooh. You are a political predictor. That's so cool. Next election, I'm finding out who you're voting for before I enter any office pools.

  2. .

    It's a good idea. Just do the opposite of what I say.