A few short items of business


The House
    So I am glad that the Democrats took the House. I had hoped they would. I'm concerned that they did as well as they did, however. The last thing we need is another cocky majority.

Kevin McCarthy
    I'm glad that my hometown helped send Republican Kevin McCarthy to the House also. He's one of the few politicians I genuinely believe to be capable AND a good person AND properly ambitious AND full of good ideas. I also think he is the ideal sort of fellow freshman to work with the new Democratic majority. I hope most of the new Dems are the same sort of aisle-reachers. It seems that way, but time will tell. (cf:cocky)

The Senate
    I'm much less thrilled that the Democrats took the Senate. I like having the halves of Congress split up. We'll see how things go.

Robyn Hitchcock
    What made him think I would dig hearing about my large intestive?

Speaking of....
    I have to take a crap. You probably should have just skipped this item of business. My apologies for not warning you.

The Sundays & Sunfall Festival
    What did I do right that such music is in the world for no other reason than to make me happy?

Also Alison Krauss
    Man alive! but that woman has a beautiful voice!

I fear Thmazing no more
    After I publish this post, I'm going straight to the Thtore and yanking the I fear Thmazing design from production. You snooze, you lose.

They who did not snooze
    My friend Myke and his wife (who I am too lazy to name) purchased I fear Thmazings last week, becoming the world's first true thashionistas. When you consider how valuable the Thtore's flagship design will someday be, I think we can rest assured that Myke & Wife will someday own the rest of Idaho.

    The design of Dumptruck!, the Thtore's newest design, is modeled after the wonderful Objection! tshirt worn by Paul Adelstein in the tennis scene of Intolerable Cruelty. However, the Dumptruck! design improves on Paul's shirt. First by making it a ringer rather than a plain shirt, then by adding a back to it. (Pictures to follow.) Dumptruck! can mean many things to the wearer. It may simply refer to your great love for heavy machinery; it may be a celebration of the joys of childhood; it may be your passive aggressive way to tell your fellow pedestrians just what you think about them. The Dumptruck! design is the first at Thtore to be drawn directly from a blogpost. Namely this one:
      Dumptruck! Dumptruck! : A Tale of Language Acquisition . Next to trains, the Big O's favorite thing is dumptrucks. But the word dumptruck itself is a bit challenging for him to say. Truck, for instance, has many different pronunciations in the Onacular, but the one we'll be discussing today is the one in which the tr sound becomes more of an f sound. Which creates a new problem as the mpf phoneme set is nearly impossible for his little mouth to form. As a result, he leaves out the p. So when we're walking down the street and a dumptruck passes by, and O yells, "Dumptruck! Dumptruck!", people tend to shake their heads and know exactly what kind of parents we are.



  1. You like Alison Krauss you should check out Nickel Creek (if you haven't already). She's produced all three of their albums!

    And, yes. She pretty much does have a lovely voice. It lulls me to sleep sometimes.

    I'd like to know why the word verification can't be in some normal font.

  2. One should not read these Thmusings at a time when one wants the rest of the family to sleep! :) I was quite literally ROFLing about O's pronunciation of Dumptruck. Can I borrow him for a day and take him to work? :) Thanks tho much!

  3. Alison Krauss? Seriously? I just lost all respect for you.

    But I'm fascinated by the Big O's phonetic adjustments.

  4. .

    Mel. Mel, Mel, Mel. For the last time, I, represent the patriarchy, so I decide which women's voices are beautiful. Nothing else need be said.

    And alas, the Big O is not for rent, but...you could always buy the shirt!

  5. I like the shirt. I am sorely tempted to buy one. Everybody in Arizona (and most people I know in Utah) would be so confused!

  6. .

    Which is part of the joy--am I right?

    But, Kirsa, you will know that my heart is warm just thinking about it.

  7. The shirts are getting progressively better. I like.

  8. I like Alison Krauss. A lot. Which is why Melyngoch doesn't.

  9. .

    Hard to kick against the pricks, Mel?