What's keeping you from fabulous prizes?


Why haven't you played the game yet? Do you have a moral opposition to winning? A mortal fear of losing? Or is it because there are 16 rules?

Look, let me sum them up: copy and paste the categories into the comments / write in one movie per category (don't use any movie more than once) / feel free to skip any you're not sure about. That's it. It's easy. Do research if you want (this is a good place to start), just don't peek at others' guesses before posting your own.

Come! Join the party!


  1. Though I've seen my fair share of movies, they are not the movies I think will be nominated for anything. I liked them all a lot, which means they will probably not win anything. Ergo, I am not playing since I don't know anything about the other movies. I'd even forgotten that some of the movies you guys listed even came out this year...

  2. And no one can possibly make a mistake as dumb as I did, so you're guaranteed to come away feeling good about yourself!

  3. What is keeping me from fabulous prizes, you ask?

    a) I am currently illegible, and thus ineligible also I believe.

    b) I have neither seen nor heard of most of the movies that have any chance of being nominated.

    c) I don't have a c, really, but three reasons are always good to have.

  4. I can't play; I didn't see any movies this year. Well, unless you count "Herbie" and "She's the Man."

    So I recuse myself of this argument.

  5. I went through and starting answering everything "Keanu Reeves" but after about 30 of them, I thought my little prank was getting old. Plus, I have to echo everyone else in that the only movie I saw in the theatre last year was X-Men and it stunk. Sorry - I may live in Hollywood, but I'm a total moron as far as this stuff goes.

  6. .

    Let's see....

    I've seen the following 2006 movies:

    The Benchwarmers
    Monster House

    And I think that's it.

    Plus: I don't even know the difference between illegible and ineligible.

    And yet, like the pioneers, on I go.

    You should all be ashamed.

  7. My goodness, Theric, you're even doing it on your own blog!

  8. .

    Crap. You're right. And I didn't even notice!