Real Men : Quiche : : 90-Pound Weaklings :


You tell me.


  1. Ummm, ham & cheese hot pockets? Or maybe McDonald's scrambled eggs (made from real pasteurized liquid egg product).

    I didn't know there *was* a weak-sauce equivalent to quiche. All I seem to come up with are its fat, lazy brothers.

  2. Summer camp scrambled eggs.

  3. Ouch. Daltonboy eats a ham and cheese hot pocket every day for lunch (against my and his cardiologist's advice).

    I think some sort of raw meat, or at the very least thick red meat works best here.

  4. I like hot pockets. Only the broccoli/chicken/cheese kind because I don't like ham.

  5. I think that quiche is already in the 90-pound weakling side of the equation. I'd say:

    Real Men : Barbeque
    90-Pound Weakling : Quiche

  6. I think that's the point, Katya. You have to stretch your metaphoric skills.

    I say: Bread twisty ties.

    And I will keep my reasons why to myself.

    (p.s. to Th.: It amazes me that you can get so many responses from a three-word post. You are much more efficient than I could ever be.)

  7. Um, yeah. I just did the math, and if the ratios held true, I would expect two thousand, eight hundred and twenty-three comments on my last post.

    As we can see, you win.

  8. .

    Hahaha! Well, you should be grateful then. Where would you find the time to read them all?