A cool breeze is blowing....


....as I sit here outside the door to our apartment watching Oliver play with his Radio Flyer horse. I am in the shade and a train is yelling at us from a few blocks away. The other kids are running around, shooting each other with water. It's nice.

Last night in our yet comfortable bedroom, I reached atop the file cabinets and pulled down my still near-full bag of Christmas candy. I pulled out a couple Lindt Truffles only to bite in and discover their innards were liquid. Surprising but delicious. Mmm! Liquid!

Which is something odd for me to say since only the day before I had dismissed fondue as a strange and confusing concept.

Which it is. So shoot me.

But not with a gun that uses bullets because those things are dangerous! Have you ever seen what a bullet can do to a pineapple! Insanity! And I doubt my body is much hardier than a pineapple.

One summer my mother tried to talk me into going to Hawaii to harvest pineapple. It sounded good for a while, but in the end I was unpersuadable.

I don't remember what I did instead. Probably nothing.

I like nothing.

I could go for some nothing right now.

Just sit in the shade, a nice breeze blowing; I'll be watching my son and typing blog posts.

Sound just five cents from heaven.


  1. Indeed it does. I should get a laptop.

  2. A dark rain is raining as I sit safely dry in my living room, aware that in the next ten minutes, I'll have to go out and walk a mile in the rain.

  3. What a pleasant day. I hope you find your five cents. ;)