Home again


According to Google Maps, the drive from Foxy J's parents' place in Vegas to our apartment in the AV should take 4:41, which seems at least an hour more than it ought to take, but that shows how much I know.

It took us just over eight hours to make the trip today.

In large part due to our fancy new window, shown here as it appeared Sunday (that's me in the background with my glazier's tools):

Behold what Theric hath wrought

This window was not the work of a journeyman. It fell apart as soon as we hit freeway speeds.

The trip was composed of stop after stop to repair the window.

Problem one: One hundred degree weather (109 at the thermometer) does not lend itself to duct tape sticking as well as it could. The adhesive would melt and with each flap of the supposedly taut window, it would slide slide slide till it was free as a plastic birdie.

Problem two: Freeway speeds. No matter how slow I went, I could not go slow enough to keep the wind from beating at the window making me a) go deaf and b) watch the window slip off the car.

Each time we stopped and repaired (requiring me to drag my bum leg over and around and through to get out of the car), Lady Steed and I perfected our window's design, but until the sun went down, we had no chance for success. And even after dark, we still had the pounding flapping roaring noise in our ears.

Sheesh. We bought new music for the drive back--the first real purchase of music just because in months if not years--and could hear none of it.

Alas. We stopped at the last must-stop-at-at-least-once restaurant along the 15 and it sucked.




1: We're alive and only I seem to be hurt--and that not bad.

2: We got to spend another day with Master Fob, Foxy J, S-Boogie, Earth Sign Mama and Papa Biker.

3: Angel food cake for Foxy's birthday. With strawberries. Strawberries!

4: The car still drives.

5: Sweet new glazier skills.

6: (pending)

7: (pending)

8: (pending)

9: (pending)

10: (pending)

11: (pending)

12: (pending)

13: (pending)

14: Important life lesson to be learned (also pending).


  1. I rejoice with you in your many blessings, even the pending ones.

  2. My brother Chewy's kid told him he (the kid) had decided to count his many blessings after hearing a song at church.

    Chewy kid reports, "I tried to count my many blessings, but I only got to twenty-three (23).

    Sorry about your car accident. I hope you all are all right.

  3. So glad no one was hurt. Badly. I mean, I'm sorry about your bruised leg. I grated the heck out of my thumb last night and got blood in the cheese, so I totally understand what you're going through.

    Apparently you were driving in the wrong direction for material blessings. That would be savvymom's route east.

    I so wish you had asked about Peggy Sue's. I could have warned you. Ugh.

  4. daltongirl:

    oh I hate it when you grate your own fingers and it gets in the cheese.

    Thteeds rarely get material blessings when it comes to traveling, due to the Brass Clan curse. Sigh. Dumb curse.

    So wish we had asked your opinion about Peggy Sue's. What a waste.

  5. a plastic birdie eh? wow,ha! i can just invision that!yeah, mom did grate the dickens out of her thumb,......aaaand we could only find huge band-aids so she made one out of a little square of papertowel and scotch tape.i hope your alright too.

  6. Well, the blessing of getting to spend an extra day with the gang is pretty cool!

    I had a friend who was in a head-on collision for some unknown reason, her butt was bruised...

    Also, someone told me once to be thankful for the bad things that happen to us. God has some reason for it happening so you should thank Him for the accident and the dent and the window too, not just the part about getting out alive.

  7. .

    A friend of Foxy's family suggested it might be that this way we were saved from a fatal accident on the 15. If so, I am grateful.

    Or trying to be....