How to comment on a svithe


I have noticed that svithes generally get fewer comments than other posts--and not just here at Thmusings, but on other svither's blogs as well (for a complete list of known svithers, occasional or otherwise, visit The Weekly Svithe and look at its sidebar). I suppose this is because most posts on most blogs are either flippant or stuffed with pathos. Svithing is neither, usually. So I will hereby, in the spirit of public service that Thmusings was built on, offer advice to the finger-tied who just don't know what to comment come svitheday.

1. Offer a factual or doctrinal correction. Edgy gave an excellent example of this on last Sunday's svithe here on my blog.

2. Comment instead on the appearance of the blog, as was done here and here.

3. Leave it at "Thank you".

4. There's always room for a bizarre non sequitur.

5. Put together a string of compliments, pulling from any ole place in the svithe.

6. Finally, and this is the easiest and most obvious method, just give the svither a big AMEN!

Surely you can handle that.


  1. I don't know about any of your other readers, but religion is something of a touchy subject for me.

    Sometimes I read (and enjoy) posts about religion, God, or other svithe-worthy topics, but more often than not I avoid them in general...

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    I know, JB, yet I love you anyway.

  3. Me thinks I'm JUST getting onto the SVITE bandwagon! Rather, at least beginning to UNDERSTAND it!

  4. AY-MEN.

    Which, of course, means the Ay tribe of the greater Antilles, which are known for their extremely flippant religions which are, paradoxically, stuffed with pathos and parsely.

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    Parsely is so misunderstood....