Branew altime favorite neologism


Lest you expect this post to be shameless thelf-promotion, let me just say that the neologism under discussion is not a thonce but, um, a melynonce.

As you may know, I have been graced by Melyngoch to read her sexy new book (check out those measurements!) and today I happed across melynonce to die for: shourt.

In fact, I think shourt might be a typo, but I love it all the same. And after thinking about it, I realized that it is a wonderfully useful word, no mere synonym for yell (of which synonyms we have plenty), but a new creature which carries the meaning of yell while also conveying a sense that the shourter is, while yelling, also covering the shourtee with saliva, the bastard.

I hate it when people shourt at me!


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    You have to see this post here.

    (note--appearances aside, this is actually theric posting this comment)

  2. isn't the whole premise of shouting based on it being loud? How tautologous!

  3. I liked shrout better than shourt.

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    Ah, but say them aloud and then tell me why it must be shourt.

    (Note: Master Fob is referring to a typo of my own that I corrected before anyone commented, in which all my shourts were shrouts.

  5. It sounds like "short," only with a bit of "sour" to it.

    I agree with Master Fob.

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    No no no no no!

    Shourt! Like shower + shout! Get it?!?!

  7. Mm...

    I still like "shrout."

  8. Thanx for your first, and only, comment! :)
    Apare├ža mais vezes!