All the world is fishscales!


With my new glasses, I bought little clip-on shades. But today, Lady Steed left her nice over-the-top shades in the Lapper and so I went double-shades today on my drive home.


The polarities played together and the world's dimensionality went wack and everything metal turned beautiful. But the most beautiful things of all were the patches of tar on the road. They turned...wow. Gorgeous. Such blues...such purples.... The only comparison I can think of is fishscales.

What a beauiful world.

Now more beautiful with Thmazing's Amazing Double Polarity Sunglasses! Get yours now!


  1. Fishscales seriously gross me out. All scales which appear on living organisms do. But, I admit, the colors can be ravishing.

  2. I personally have never been ravished by fish scales, so I don't have much to say about the colors.

    I'm wondering if you can get a DUI for driving with two pairs if polarized sunglasses...

  3. I've never been able to talk myself into the clip on sun glasses. Do you enjoy them? I need something here. It can get soooo bright. I've never felt like I needed sun glasses until I got here to TX.

  4. .

    I like them, but I miss my fashionablish overthetops--they were much more effective.