What have I got that Cowboy Jesus hasn't got?
thmonth of theric


March Madness is fun and all, but you know what it's always really lacked? Books.

Welcome to August Insanity.

But perhaps you are one of the approximately seven-point-one billion people who have not heard of August Insanity? In brief, it's the latest brainstorm from James Goldberg to promote Mormon literature. In that quest, he's taken sixteen very good Mormon books and pitted them against each other, like so:

Now, I know what two things you're thinking:

1 Congratulations! You've written one of Mormon literature's top sixteen books, like, ever!

2 Oh no! You're pitted against The Backslider! What are you, the sixteenth seed?

To which I say:

1 Oh, undoubtedly.

2 Please do not quote my review to me right now.

But rather than panic, I'm sitting down with my campaign manager and we're asking ourselves: what have we got that Cowboy Jesus hasn't got? We've got one week to pull off the greatest upset in the history of August Insanity and WHAT HAVE WE GOT?

For each of the next seven days, I will provide an answer to that question. But for now, let me just point you to my self-pirated version. If you like it, you will, of course, send me fifty bucks and vote a byucky ticket. But for now the money can wait. For now you should simply read.


  1. First of all, you have mad photoshopping skillz. That image up top made me snort.

    Second of all, I need to fill out my bracket.

    1. I also love the photo.

      And I also need to fill out and post my own bracket. I'm also going to ask my nine-year-old daughter to do one.

    2. .

      I'll follow that lead. Mine'll be home from fishing tomorrow and undoubtedly ready to talk literature.

  2. .

    I'm a bit stressed by that notion, to be honest.