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Let's keep it to four pages for today. We're not even going to link to Amazon today.

Response to this review:
Yeah, when Dave Eggers's book came out I wanted to punch him in the face. Mine was written first but now I'm always going to be the guy who kind of sounds a lot like Eggers. He's a decent human being, so I can't hate him, but still. Sheez. Shoulda been first. </whine>

Response to this review:
Please don't anyone tell her this book really has nothing to do with me and my wife? Pretty please?

Response to this review:
I'm very seriously getting SCREWBALL REALIST put on business cards. What do you guys thing? Becoming?

Response to these reviews:
I'm utterly dissatisfied with people's reasons for disliking the book. I mean: come on! A little spittle?

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