Battle of the Byuck


So Byuck has made it to the semifinals in August Insanity. I hypothesized this was a possibility in my original post on the topic and imagined that this is where it would fall, to the highly regarded Bound on Earth. Truly, it is a great book.

But abstract qualities like greatness (or excellence or literariness) don't seem to be guaranteed to win the day during August Insanity. LET ME RUSH TO SAY I AM NOT SUGGESTING THE OTHER BOOKS STILL IN THE RUNNING ARE ANYTHING OTHER THAN TERRIFIC BOOKS. But when it comes time to vote, the better machine seems likely to win the day.

With this in mind---and recognizing that Author Angela does not seem to own a machine---I figure hey! why not! let's Vote Byuck! one more time!

While I have no qualms about losing to Angela, I also have no qualms trying to crush Luisa or Steven in the finals (what are friends for). Do you think it's possible? Let's find out!

Click Byuck to battle!

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