Charly vs Byuck
presents Beautiful Dead Women for
thmonth of theric


(explanation for all this focus on beautiful dead women)


from Byuck ~p113


Jamison had heard that being underground could turn you blind. Or

drive you mad. Or both. He supposed he would find out soon enough.

The ceilings grew lower and the walls grew tighter until Jameson was

struggling to squeeze ever deeper and upward.

Popping through a particularly tight spot, Jameson found himself under a

small waterfall. He reached up and found some rocks to hold onto and pulled

himself up. Trying to balance on the precarious ledge, Jameson realized he

was perched on the edge of an underground lake, the overflow trickling

down behind him and turning into the stream he had followed. Where to

now? Walls towered above him on each side. Thrown rocks revealed the

lake’s breadth to be farther than Jameson could throw. He wanted to cry.

And then – was it the madness? Or was this what blindness was like?

Jameson saw, off in the distance, phosphorescent blurs bobbing about. As

they grew larger, he began to hear splashes. Finally, he realized what they

were: mermaids.

They drew up next to him, their pale features and scales glowing, their

blank eyes gazing to his side, unseeing. Then they spoke.

“Please, please, please.”

“Please go.”

More were arriving all the time, their silver bell voices chiming together,

begging him to go.

Then the message changed.

“He is coming. He is coming.”

“He will be angry.”

“He is coming.”

They begged him again to leave.

“We don’t want to hurt you.”

“We don’t want to hurt you.”

“Please go. Please.”


And then it was too late. A monstrous creature rose from the sea, his

blackened and scarred visage oilily reflecting the quiet glow of the mermaids.

He spoke in a familiar voice – the voice of a thousand remembered villains

combined with the crackling fires of hell.


He reached down and plucked some mermaids from the sea, his

leviathan size becoming apparent as he stuffed them into his mouth.


Jameson watched, horrified, unable to move or speak.

Then the blind beast turned to him and smiled, the lightly glowing scales

of devoured mermaids illuminating his rotting hole of a mouth. It reached for

him, lifted him up, and bit off his head, chewing slowly.



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