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There being very view places to publish hymns, I shall just put it here, for you, to like or not, to use or not, to have or not, as you please. Feel free to reproduce or distribute any way you like so long as it's not for money.

Our Glorious Parents

Our glorious Parents once sat in their councils
And taught us and loved us as all parents should
The plan They presented, our Brother endorsed, which
Made Him our Savior and exemplar for good.

Our glorious Parents, both Mother and Father,
Reach out from Their heavens and we should reach back.
As we live our lives we should think of Them always
And pray that we will keep our closeness intact.

Our glorious Parents, You know that we love You.
We love the green Earth and our families and friends.
We thank You for prophets, for hope, and salvation;
Take us to Your bosoms when our time here ends.

This hymn is written to a traditional form and many traditional and modern melodies could be appropriated for use.

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    That said, I'm rather fond of how it sounds against the tune Janice Kapp Perry wrote for the old poem "As Sisters in Zion."

  2. Do you know about the Heavenly Mother art/poetry contest? http://www.amotherhere.com/

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    I do, yes. My press is a sponsor, actually.